Thanks to Dublin’s growing network of QBCs, the bus offers a great alternative to the car for many commuters. If you haven’t used the bus recently, you might be pleasantly surprised by the improvements that have taken place.

In the built up area of Dublin, Dublin Bus is the dominant operator. Bus Éireann offers good connections between Dublin City and the wider Greater Dublin Area (Kildare, Meath and Wicklow) as well as the rest of the country. And its Night Rider service will bring you home late at night! Other operators also operate on some routes.

Dublin Bus

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There are over 200 routes in the Dublin Bus network. Many routes serve the city centre and terminate in or around a compact area centred on Parnell Square - College Green – North and South City Quays – Find your route terminus and stops for your return trip home.

Generally, services run on most routes between 0630 and 2330 hours. There is a very popular and comprehensive late night service that runs into the small hours at the weekend – the Nitelink - very useful if you are out socialising!

Bus Éireann

Serving outer suburban links to Dublin City and the rest of the country

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Bus Éireann offers extensive connections between Dublin City and destinations in the Greater Dublin Area (GDA). Counties Kildare, Meath, Wicklow and Louth are well served by regular departures. See for up to date information on services. The online Journey Planner may also be of help when planning your journey.

Improvements to Bus Éireann services in the GDA mean that there are now many more daily departures and extended timetables on all routes.

On a number of routes, a high frequency service operates, including for example, the Ashbourne and Balbriggan routes (every 20 minutes all day) and Navan (every 15 minutes at peak times).The frequency of service is set to improve further when more vehicles are introduced to the Bus Éireann fleet under Transport 21, so it's worth keeping an eye for new services currently being planned.

Bus Éireann also links Dublin Airport with a number of towns in the GDA, such as Drogheda (every 20 minutes) and Dundalk (hourly).

Commercial Bus Operators and Ferries

See also TravelHub Coach for services offered by Commercial Bus Operators and Ferries.